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RGB Sound Control Light Equalizer

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RGB Sound Control Light

Upgraded D09 RGB Sound Control Pickup Rhythm Light

LED Music Level Light

32-bit Music Level Display

with App Control

Suitable for Car, Desktop and Entertainment

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Multiple modes: multiple modes show a colourful light design. 32 colorful lamp beads, 8 light display modes, 5 brightness levels, adjustable speed. It is an ideal accessory for your car/desk/living room.

Voice control and noise reduction: built-in high-sensitivity microphone (voice control). Voice control induces the beating rhythm, highlights the unique style and creates an atmosphere; it moves in the rhythm of the music; supports intelligent noise reduction with automatic gain control AGC and intelligent noise reduction algorithms that can be used in noisy environments.

High-quality material: the music level lamp adopts a unique acrylic shape shell and uses 32 colourful lamp beads inside, which are equipped with a special MIC for music and a 32-bit ARM processor with a main frequency of 72 m. Realise the dynamic expression of music and sound field.

Operating principle: the pickup lamp automatically detects external music via the built-in microphone, synchronises the music frequency, lights up RGB full colour LED lamp beads, presents dynamic light effects and realises the visual effect of music.

✨[Styles are optional] All products are equipped with an app control function and divided into two styles: USB plug-in type and USB charging type. Please pay attention to the attributes before purchasing. The USB charging model can be used by plugging in a cable or fully charged.

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